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Employee Guidelines


We look forward to partnering with you in your job search and welcome you as a member of the Ascot Team! Whether you are working on a temporary assignment, a temp-to-hire, or a direct hire placement, you can be assured that our team of staffing professionals will do their best to find the right match for you! In turn, we rely on you to uphold a tradition of reliability, competency and professionalism.


We want to ensure that your experience with  Ascot is a positive one. Please review the following guidelines so that our expectations are clear. In turn, you can expect the utmost dedication from our team of professionals, as they assist you in your job search.

Our business clients depend on us to provide high caliber, qualified individuals to meet their staffing needs. When working on assignment for Ascot Staffing, please remember these key workplace reminders: be punctual, ask questions when unclear about tasks or instructions, dress and behave professionally, refrain from cell phone usage during work hours and avoid bringing personal belongings to the job.

As our employee, you are as important to us as our business clients so do not hesitate to call us for assistance or to provide feedback about a current job.

Remember to ask for additional tasks when you are caught up with your work and take advantage of opportunities to expand your job knowledge. If you tackle your tasks with enthusiasm, you�ll get the most out of your assignment and you will open doors to participate in more projects!

You are not authorized to drive any kind of vehicle, including your personal car, for business purposes while on assignment.

On the first day of your assignment, acquaint yourself with the client company�s work and safety regulations. Observe these safety requirements and safe work practices at all times. To avoid injury to yourself, we request that you not lift any objects weighing more than you can handle and definitely not more than 25 pounds.

By accepting an assignment with Ascot Staffing�s client company, you agree not to submit an application to this client company for a period of 12 months following the conclusion of the assignment, without prior approval from Ascot Staffing.


While working for Ascot Staffing, please refrain from using our client company�s equipment for personal use. This includes computers, telephones, and the Internet (with the exception of viewing the  Ascot website for timecard verification if approved in advance by the client company).

Due to the risk of computer viruses, do not introduce any external media to client equipment.

Company policy prohibits harassment in the workplace, whether at Ascot Staffing or at any of its customer locations, such as Kaiser Permanente, who specifically wishes to convey that they include temporary personnel in their own efforts to address any incidents of harassment. Such harassment includes, but is not limited to, sexual harassment, or harassment because of race, creed, color, disability, sexual orientation, age, and national origin or ancestry. All such harassment is unlawful and a serious violation of Company policy, which will result in corrective action that may include discipline up to and including termination of employment. Employees who believe they have been harassed on the job, should politely yet assertively, ask the person to stop their behavior. Write down the date, the time, circumstances and those involved as well as any witnesses and immediately contact Ascot Staffing�s President, Don Leung, at (925) 242-8200. Ascot Staffing upholds the highest standards of workplace conduct and will ensure that you are treated fairly and with respect while on assignment for Ascot Staffing.

Ascot Staffing�s goal is to keep you working as much as you want, so please call in your availability to us as instructed by your counselor. Additionally, call us on the last day of any assignment lasting more than one day. This will greatly enhance our ability to work effectively on your behalf.

You are responsible for calling Ascot Staffing when you are late for work, unable to report to work, or need time off from work. Failure to report as assigned or to call in as previously instructed will be considered a voluntary resignation.

While on any assignment for Ascot Staffing, you are required to take rest and meal breaks as mandated by the Department of Industrial Relations.  Guidelines are known to change often so please refer to for the most recent information.


  • Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program : This is an employee-funded pre- tax program for "Qualified Transportation Expenses." More>>
  • Direct Deposit: You may elect to have your paycheck directly deposited into the accounts you choose. You may request a direct deposit form from our staff, or print one from our website. Complete the form, attach a voided check and submit to payroll or your recruiter. Within ten days, you will begin to receive your funds deposited directly into your account.
  • Computerized Software Training: We have online tutorials for your convenience. Please contact yourAscot office to inquire about our tutorial services.
  • Thursday Payday
  • Paid Sick Leave


  • In order for you to be paid properly, you must fill out your timecard accurately and completely. Click here to access a copy of our timecard. Please do not alter the timecard in any way.
  • All hours will be paid in accordance with the Industrial Welfare Commission. You must receive prior authorization from  Ascot Staffing before working overtime.
  • Once you have completed your timecard, you may fax it, mail it, or drop it off at our San Ramon Office. Fax: (510) 839-9543 or Email:
  • The deadline for timecards is Monday at 5:00 PM.  Timecards received by this time will be paid the following Thursday.
  • Timecard receipt can be verified on our website each Monday after 4:30 PM, with final verification information posted each Tuesday at 10 AM.
  • Employees have until Tuesday at 11 AM to call with discrepancies.
  • Paychecks are processed and distributed weekly.
  • Paychecks are mailed from our San Ramon office on Wednesday afternoons. If you wish to pick up your paycheck from our San Ramon office, please call to make arrangements before Wednesday at noon. If you have direct deposit, your paycheck will be deposited into your account each Thursday by noon.


Purpose: It is the intent of Ascot Staffing�s Return to Work (RTW) Program to provide temporary modified duty for employees who are disabled due to a work related injury or illness. The company will attempt to accommodate employees who can�t perform the basic duties of their job. The policy provides guidelines for the administering a modified duty program to limit the number of lost workdays an injured employee may incur by providing meaningful work of a limited nature.

Ascot Staffing shall make every effort to bring injured employees back to work as long as this will not cause any harm to the employee, others or company property. Ascot Staffing shall strive to assist the employee to return to his or her former position, and to cooperate in the employee�s rehabilitation.

Scope:  Ascot Staffing will provide modified duty whenever possible and always in accordance with recommendations from a physician selected or approved by Ascot Staffing\'s Worker\'s Compensation Insurance carrier. 


1.     Allow the employee to remain in the work force and resume productive employment as soon as possible.

2.     Enable the worker to gradually overcome medical restrictions through a transitional period of modified duty.

3.     Comply with all applicable parts of the  ADA and with all appropriate parts of FMLA

4.     Comply with all applicable state laws

Ascot Staffing will cooperate in every possible way to provide regular duties on a limited basis, modified duty, and or special assignments for the injured employee.

Special assignments and/or modified duty in addition to regular duty will be determined by Ascot Staffing\'s Risk Manager and the Client Supervisor of the department in which the employee will be working. The assignment will stay within the guidelines outlined by the medical provider.

Ascot Staffing maintains the right to assign employees on modified duty to any job within the facility that will not exceed their restrictions and they are capable of doing.

Employees on modified duty may be assigned to work on any shift at the discretion of the company. While modified duty employee may not be able to work or be assigned to work a fulltime schedule, in no case shall a modified duty employees work overtime.

Ascot Staffing\'s Risk Manager or his proxy will oversee all employees working modified duty. When these employees report to their assignment they will report to and be supervised by the department supervisor.

Program Extension: An extension in excess of up to 30 days may be allowed on a case by case basis, when recovery is incomplete. Such extensions will be reviewed every 14 calendar days thereafter and modified work may continue to be provided in cases where improvement continues.

Medically Unable to Report: Should the injured employee be unable to report to work, he or she must notify the Risk Manager and provide appropriate medical documentation on his or her condition, verifying there has been a change in their physical status that affects their ability to work modified duty. At the discretion of Ascot Staffing the employee may be asked to see a physician that Ascot Staffing designates.

Compensation and Benefits: Restricted duty employees will be compensated for hours worked at the same rate of pay they were earning at the time of the work related injury.

Employee�s Responsibility: The employee shall be responsible to report all job related injuries and medical restrictions to the Risk Manager and to their immediate Client Supervisor. The employee shall keep the Risk Manager and their direct Client Supervisor informed of any changes in their job related restrictions.

The employee shall adhere to all medical advice and directives as prescribed by the treating physician, nurse or other medically qualified professional. The employee should question any medical directives that may not be clearly understood. Failure to adhere to any medical restrictions may result in disciplinary actions.

The employee shall not perform any activity which is not in accord with job related restrictions, both on and off the job.   If the employee feels that tasks have been assigned which violate these restrictions, he or she should immediately inform his or her supervisor. Failure to adhere to any work related medical restriction may result in disciplinary action.

Doctor�s Appointments:  Ascot Staffing�s notification policy regarding doctor�s appointments will also apply to employees undergoing treatment for a work related injury. If the employee requires follow up treatment or doctor�s appointments which cannot be scheduled during nonworking time, Ascot Staffing shall NOT compensate the employee for any lost time from work due to the treatment or appointment.

Failure to Participate: Employees who are assigned to modified duty are expected to keep medical appointments and participate in the follow up rehabilitation treatment as necessary. Failure of the employee to participate in medical and rehabilitation treatment may be considered a violation of work rules and result in disciplinary actions.

Medical Reevaluation: Employees shall be reevaluated by a company designated physician within 14 days of their last examination to determine whether their modified duty should continue.

Supervisor�s Responsibilities: The Client Supervisor for the area where the injured employee is assigned for modified duty shall ensure the employee is complying with job related restrictions as noted on the modified duty form.

Client Supervisors directing modified duty employees shall assign those employees to jobs which can accommodate their restrictions. If no jobs are available within your department, contact the Risk Manager at Ascot Staffing to discuss options or arrange for department transfer.

Program Coordinator: The Risk Manager/Managing Partner will coordinate the RTW Program. This includes the responsibility to review and update the program as needed to ensure that is meets the needs of Ascot Staffing and the employees.


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