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Oakland, CA
  5 stars

I agree: Ascot rocks!
I came to Ascot Staffing feeling jaded from other agencies and from looking for jobs on my own.  My interview with them was the best I've ever had because they immediately put me at ease and I felt a strong sense of commitment from them.  I guess they liked me too because they asked me to temp for their receptionist (Sue) when she was on vacation.  I feel like I really got to know everyone in the Ascot office.  They were so kind to me: they helped me when they were busy and treated me like I had worked there forever.   Even the owner (Dede) wanted to get to know me!  I've recently found a permanent job and I will definitely miss working through them.

The career counselors (Audrey, Sally, Evy, and Barbara) really care for their temps.  I remember them saying "She/he is perfect for this job!" when they found a match between a client company and a temp.  They are genuinely enthusiastic when they find work for someone!!  I've never, ever gotten that impression from another temp agency I've worked with. Also, they give you all of the info that you need on the job. Some temp agencies I've worked with have left me high and dry when it comes to directions to a job site, work hours, and dress code, but not Ascot.  That's some more evidence that Ascot rocks!!

If you are looking for admin or other office work, call Ascot!  They have a lot of admin and clerical jobs at Kaiser, but are also popular with many other East Bay companies.

Ascot is an incredibly supportive and smart company that is committed to their clients. Almost every member of the staff has worked there at least 10 years, that says a lot!  Obviously, I've had a great experience with Ascot and think that other Yelpers will too because we are a smart and talented bunch.
Ellen L.
Oakland, CA
  5 stars

In a desperate attempt to get out of my career rut,  I called to schedule a sit down consultation.  The process had me there for a few hours, but only because they are thorough.  Sue, office manager, was great.  Super friendly and helpful.  Peggy, recruiter,  was so easy to talk to and empathetic to my situation.  Even though she wasn't able to help me with my current situation,  Peggy was quick to offer all the possibilities she could think of.  She even offered to call another staffing agency that she had a contact at.  That's what I call service!!!!  

I'm so happy I stopped by.  They really helped subdue my drowning feeling and made me realize I had other options.  

THANK YOU ASCOT!!!  I will be forever grateful.
Patrick B.
Oakland, CA
  5 stars

Ascot rocks!  I agree with the other reviewer in that the staff here cares more about you, and not the bottom line.  They have personality and professionalism going for them and I already got a job starting tomorrow!  Go Ascot!
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